Kitefoil lessons


Hydrofoiling is lately the revolution in the world of kitesurfing. The difference to normal kiteboarding is that the so-called foil board starts to float in the air after a short run-up phase. So you practically only ride on one wing. Because it has an extremely low water resistance, you can still kite with these futuristic boards when the wind stays below 10 knots. We will help you learn to foil kite as quickly as possible! For our courses we use modern foil boards of different sizes, mast lengths and skill levels.

Our course options

We offer every first long weekend of the month the possibility to learn or deepen your foiling skills on two, three or four days in a row. You don’t have to have previous experience in foiling, but it would be an advantage if you have already gained experience with a directional board.

Beginner Course

The main problem with foiling is that if it is not learned the right way, it can be very frustrating. But don’t worry! In our 8-hour (2 days) beginner course you will learn the basics, starting with body drag to get a feel for the foil board and ending with your first attempts riding.

Basics Course

During the 12-hour basic course (3 days) you will learn the so-called “dolphin”, which means small jumps out of the water. Gradually you will understand how to hold the board on the water in a controlled way and how to make it rise. Small distances, as well as being able to determine the direction, will be no longer a problem for you!

Basic Course +

In our 16-hour (4 days) course you will become a fully self-sufficient kitefoiler. You will be able to control your foil, float bigger distances and learn your first turns. In addition you try a longer mast to extend the feeling of flying over the water!

Private Coaching

Try a Private kitesurfing Lesson and learn at your own speed with the full attention of your own instructor! You’ll be a confident kiteboarder in no time!
You can also book one instructor for two persons.

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The dates for foil courses in 2021 still needs to be announced. You can book from Thursday to Sunday/ Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Sunday.

May Section (Foillessons)

June Section (Foillessons)

July Section (Foillessons)

August Section (Foillessons)

September Section (Foillessons)

By the way, you should not mistake foiling with the simple use of so-called foil kites such as the Sonic, Speed or Soul from Flysurfer and the Duotone Capa, rather it refers to the use of a foil board. To avoid this, we also call kitefoiling hydrofoiling.

You want to buy a foilboard?

During the weekend seminar you will have the opportunity to try out lots of different hydrofoils in order to make the right purchase decision. We also sell often our used foil boards, but also new ones. Just talk to us, we will help you!