Kitesurfschool at Lake Reschen


Our School for Kiting & Wingfoiling at Passo Resia

We are your partner for a safe and successful experience in the world of board and kite sports!
We are a VDWS affiliated school providing kitesurfing and wingfoiling lessons for all levels, every windy day from Mai to September. The Lake Reschen offers you shallow water, lots of space and perfect practice conditions. With our team of qualified instructors, you will easily learn how to ride in safety while still having a lot of fun.

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PROBOARDER at Lake Reschen

Our Spot

Lake Reschen (Lago di Resía) is located in South Tyrol, Italy, close to the Austrian and Swiss borders. Above all it is known for its unique panorama and the church tower rising out of the lake. Because of the shallow, flat water and constant wind conditions, thanks to its geographical and topographical position, Lake Reschen is the perfect spot to learn kitesurfing or wingfoiling. The reliable wind can be explained with the steep mountains which surround the lake. They cause the winds from the north and south to be amplified by the so-called Venturi effect (jet effect). Furthermore, we offer you good entry and exit possibilities and plenty of space in the water as well as on land. Get some first impressions of the spot on the webcam.

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Our Kitesurfspot at the Lake – the view towards south

Our Courses

No matter if beginner or advanced, kitesurf or wingfoil, freestyle or foilkite we have the right course for you! Our instructors will guide you through your kiteboarding lessons with a professional and relaxed teaching style. We will structure your kitesurf lesson carefully to ensure you get the most fun and entertainment out of your lesson, while still being safe and educational. Included in all lessons is brand new gear from Duotone, Flysurfer, Fanatic and ION, even wetsuit, harness and lifejacket. By the end of your course you will receive your very own licence!

We usually teach kitesurfing with twintips (bidirectionals), but we also offer courses on directionals (waveboards), foilkite courses (on foilboards) and, most recently, wingfoiling lessons (wing with foilboard). During our courses we use radio helmets for better communication and boats to come upwind. We offer private, semi-private and group lessons of two up to four people. And you should know: every first weekend of the motnh we offer special foil courses.

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The church tower – the monument of Lake Reschen

Are you already an independent rider?

You already know how to kitesurf or wingfoil and want to go out on the water on your own? No problem! In order to be able to use our area, you must show your proof of ability (kite licence), proof of liability insurance and become a member of the Kiteclub Adrenalina. You can conclude a membership on a daily basis or for the whole season. In case of emergency this would include a rescue with a motorboat.

You don’t have your own equipment? You can rent everything you need from us! Please always note that you need a licence for this. There is no rental of windsurfing equipment at Lake Resia.

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Directionals, Foils or Twintips. At lake Reschen you can use every type of board

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