VDWS License

Have your level certified!

A VDWS licence is a proof that you have learnt to kite/wing in a professional way and confirms the level you have reached, as the skills you have learnt. It is especially necessary if you do not own your own equipment. Only those who have a licence are allowed to rent equipment from schools worldwide. Often it is even necessary in order to be allowed to start at all.

The price for the licence for course participiants is 40 Euros. If you already know how to kite and just want to get a licence, it costs 50 Euros. In both cases, we will send you a textbook in advance (included in the price) so that you can prepare for your exam.
The exam is divided into a practical and a theoretical part (ticking off and filling in).

You can extend or upgrade your licence at any time and at any other kite school with VDWS standard. For example, if you reached level two or three in your basic course but have now improved, we can certify this for you.

If you already have a licence, you are welcome to upload the front and back via our upload form. That way we have them in case you forget them or we need to upgrade them.

Watersports Insurance

In many places, a proof of an insurance is required in addition to a valid licence. Watersportequipment is often not included in the normal liability insurance. For this reason, the VDWS offers the so-called Safety Tool.
If you are interested, you can enter the partner code 19066 when booking.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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