Kitesurf Lessons


Gliding weightlessly through waves, powered by the wind – that’s kitesurfing, one of the youngest sailing sports! With a kite above you and a board on your feet you will slide over the water with ease. Steering your kite doesn’t require much strength, but rather the right technique and good coordination. With a basic level of fitness, the support of a good instructor and the right equipment it takes only a few hours to get on the board and start riding. We stand ready to support you!

Our course options

Trial Course

You are not sure if kitesurfing really suits you? Find out more in our 4-hour (1 days) trial course! You will learn the theoretical basics, material knowledge and experience the thrill of kitesurfing. In addition, you will understand how to launch and land a kite and get to know the use of safety systems

Beginner Course

Become a kitesurfer with us! During the 8-hour (2 days) beginner course the learning is at the beginning equivalent to the trial course. Then you will continue with learning how to relaunch the kite and bodydrag. Moreover, you will gain your first experiences with the board.

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres alt-Attribut; sein Dateiname ist reschensee-kiten-lernenDSC_0915-1024x680.jpg.
First control and steering exercises before we go into the water
Dieses Bild hat ein leeres alt-Attribut; sein Dateiname ist reschen-kiten-lernen-chiemsee-kitesurfen-reschensee-bootsschulung-1024x768-1024x768.jpg.
Schooling with the boat: We help you to come upwind

Basic Course

During the 12-hour basic course (3 days) you will learn to ride safely and trust your kite unconditionally. You will understand how to ride in different direction, controll your stops and try your first turns.

Basic Course +

If you are serious about kitesurfing this 15-hour (3 or 4 days) basic course + is designed to become a fully self-sufficient kitesurfer. You learn advanced riding skills, how to make turns and eventually some jumping!

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres alt-Attribut; sein Dateiname ist reschen-kiten-lernen-reschensee-kiteschule-clubwiese-1024x720-1024x720.jpg.
A lot of space for launching and landing kites
Dieses Bild hat ein leeres alt-Attribut; sein Dateiname ist reschen-kiten-lernen-brombachsee-flavio-marx-kitesurf-reschensee-IMG_3716-1024x682-1024x682.jpg.
New School Kitesurfing with Boots

Advanced Lessons

In the intermediate/ advanced course, we pick you up at your current level of knowledge and practice with you where you left off last time. You should only not be a beginner anymore and remember all safety-relevant aspects.

Private Coaching

Try a Private kitesurfing lesson and learn at your own speed with the full attention of your own instructor! You’ll be a confident kiteboarder in no time!
You can also book one instructor for two persons.


Our course dates depending on the registrations. We usually have beginner courses on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays and intermediate and advanced courses almost every day of the season.

There are times when we have a lot of bookigs and times when we have less bookings. Usually during the extended weekends and the holidays in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland we are very busy. If you intend to do a course in one of these days you should book in advance.

You want to buy your own equipment?

We recommend that you do NOT buy your own equipment before your course. It is better to take a course first and gain some experience. Then you will know for sure if you want to kitesurf or wing in the long run and which material is suitable for you. We stand ready to support you!

We constantly sell our used kites, boards and harnesses from the test pool and also new equipment.

Our tip: In the Duotone Academy App you can check out new tricks, try to analyse and learn them. Duotone is our partner and provides teaching material such as kites, bars, boards and much more.