Wingfoil lessons


Since the very beginning foiling with a wing instead of a kite excited us a lot. The idea was to use a small sail as an aid to reach waves better with a foil board, which you then wanted to ride. Today we know this small sail as the so-called wing. The wing that you hold in your hand is very light, has an inflatable structure and sometimes a boom in the middle. He generates power and lift by using the wind. Thats why you seems flying over the water, standing on a compact board equipped with a hydrofoil. In difference to a Kitefoilboard it has more volume.
If you are ready for a new challenge, we will be happy to help you! Previous experience is not necessary, but of course an advantage.

Our course options

Trial Course

Our one-day trial course gives you the opportunity to get to know winging. We first deal with the theoretical basics and then learn practical wing handling.For the very first steps in the water we will use a larger board that offers enough stability like a stand up paddle.

Beginner Course

The two-day beginners’ course continues where the trial course ends. You will learn to controll the interaction of wing and board, first turns and important tricks to make life easier. Moreover, we start the first practical attempts on the actual wingfoilboard.

Advanced Lessons

In the intermediate/ advanced course, we pick you up at your current level of knowledge and practice with you where you left off last time. You should only not be a beginner anymore and remember all safety-relevant aspects.

Private Coaching

Try a Private kitesurfing lesson and learn at your own speed with the full attention of your own instructor! You’ll be confident in no time!
You can also book one instructor for two persons.

You want more informations

You want to buy your own Wing?

During your course you will have the opportunity to try out lots of different wings and foilboards in order to make the right purchase decision. We also sell often our used foil boards, but also new ones. Just talk to us, we will help you!